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Esthetics Program: 600 Hours

Prepare for a career as an esthetics professional by attending Mariacy Beauty Academy. Our 600-hour esthetics program prepares you for a future in the beauty and skin care industry!

What an esthetician does.

An esthetician is a licensed skin care specialist who performs a wide range of techniques from makeup, facials, hair removal, relaxing body treatments and wraps, to more advanced applications such as aromatherapy, specialty facials, microdermabrasion, and much more.

One of the most gratifying areas of an esthetics career is the satisfaction you receive, knowing that a simple service you perform enhances someone’s appearance and well-being.

What you will learn.

The study of esthetics encompasses the science of skin care, body care, hair removal and makeup to enhance the skin. The properties and scientific aspects of skin care and its study will all come together in this comprehensive program.

Facials. —You will learn the manipulations and techniques necessary to provide incredible treatments.

Waxing. Speed Waxing—Practice for yourself the methodology behind them.

Makeup—You will learn about cosmetics and how they affect the skin and its application as it relates to the form of the face.

Communication and Business Skills—Not only will you need the technical skills, but the communication and business skills to succeed.

A Mariacy Beauty Academy education offers you more than just the technical and practical knowledge that you need to succeed and gain licensure. You will build confidence working with clientele and retail products in a spa-like environment to prepare for the field of esthetics and beyond.

Our 600-clock hour program includes a balance of theory followed by practical instruction to apply what you learn.
Below is a brief outline of our course of study:

* Theory: History of Esthetics, Safety/First Aid, Skin Analysis & Facial Techniques, Product Knowledge
* Clinic: Perform Hand/Back Treatments, Petite/Balancing Facials, Makeup Touchups
* Theory: Hair Removal Techniques, Makeup Analysis & Application, Facials with Electricity
* Clinic: Waxing, Body Treatments, Specialty Facials, Makeup Applications
* Theory: Career Building, Resume Workshop, Medical Environment, Licensing Regulations
* Clinic: You can now perform any of the services on clients, as well as market yourself as an esthetician with a Mariacy Beauty Academy educational background!

Your employment options.

Whether you are just beginning your career as an esthetician, or ready to graduate, there are opportunities within the beauty industry to consider. A sample of opportunities includes:

Skin care specialist

Skin care specialist, salon, skin care center, day spa, destination spa, cruise ship, medical setting
Business and Management

* Esthetics Director
* Spa Manager or Director
* Regional Manager or Director
* Business Owner


* Skin Care Center Educator
* School Educator
* Independent Educator
* Distributor Educator

Business Development

* Business Consultant
* Product Analyst for Manufacturers
* Manufacturer’ Representative


* Trade Publication Editor or Writer
* Freelance Writer
* Conference Educator, Speaker