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The Pivot Point Difference

You take the first step toward an exciting profession in which you never stop learning. Pivot Point teaches design through it’s scientific approach. This Scientific Approach” has its roots in the Bauhaus Theory, established by Walter Grophius in 1899. The inventor theory is based on a unique harmony between science, technology and art. Originally directed towards architecture, Grophius broke tradition by blending scientific formulas and measurements with artistic visual effects. Decades later, Leo Passage, founder of Pivot Point International, Inc (1936-2011) used these same principles to create a cosmetology curriculum based on the set of design principles that would bridge cultural and language barriers.

This makes it possible for virtually anyone, anywhere, to learn through the Pivot Point System of Teaching. Cosmetology, as with any art form, can be broken down into basic elements. Design principles are universal plans of organization that can be effectively applied to hair as is done with music, poetry and other art forms. The Pivot Point philosophy helps you understand, appreciate and utilize the full range of Pivot Point’s world-wide resources.

Pivot Point International is widely recognized and respected in the world of beauty for its educational systems and products.  Presently, there are over 2000 Member Schools world wide, with its materials printed in 13 different languages in 70 countries.  To learn more about Pivot Point, visit their website at:

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